Web Hosting Meaning & Types of Web Hosting

Web Hosting Meaning


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You must know these things about Web Hosting:


Types of Web Hosting.


Web Hosting Meaning

Web Hosting means placing or keeping web related files at a place in an organized manner and to serve that file(s) when it will be requested.

Examples of web related files are your Website, your Android App, IOS App, Web Applications. Anything you are getting from the internet is web related.


Now, the question is what is the place where we are keeping our file or what we call that place?

That place is called Server.


What is Server?

Server Hosting Meaning
The server is just like our laptop or desktop. But actually, the web server is very much powerful and secured in comparison to our laptop or PC. Web Server is having all those things that are inside a laptop such as a Processor, RAM, Hard Disk.

So, if you want to host your website and you already have purchased a domain name then you’ll need a server or you can also call it web hosting place. Where you will store you all images, games, videos, songs that can be accessible via the World Wide Web.


Till now if you haven’t understood Web Hosting Meaning then this example is for you.

Have you hosted any party at your house?

If, yes then you know about hosting and if you don’t then don’t worry hosting is nothing but organizing and serving.

Web Hosting is similar to party hosting but a little bit different. Here in web hosting, we are not keeping foods, drinks or party members at our house. In web hosting, we are keeping our digital files such as images, videos, text inside a server which is called as web hosting.

If you’ll purchase a web hosting service then the web hosting service provider will provide you storing space, processors, bandwidth, RAM etc. for some duration of time such as 6 months, 1 year, 2 years and this time duration will depend upon your payment.


Web Hosting Provider

Service Hosting Meaning
There are many Web Hosting Provider from where you can purchase Hosting. But before purchasing any web hosting service you must check out some important service provided by them.


These are:

Uptime: Uptime of Web Hosting Provider should be greater than 99.5 %. Most of the hosting provider provides uptime greater than 99.9 %.

Monthly Cost: Monthly cost depends on many factors such as your RAM, type of hosting, storage space, bandwidth, processing speed etc. You must compare these features and cost by visiting different hosting provider one by one.

Support: Support matters a lot. Whenever you run into a problem then you can contact your hosting provider and ask them about solutions. Most of the Web Hosting Provider is providing a fast response but some of them are slow.

Load Time: Load time is also called as Server Response time. It also impacts your SEO. If you want your website to rank on the top of google search, then you must have fast Load Time of your website.

So, these are some factors you should consider while purchasing Web Hosting Service. I hope now you have a clear idea of Web Hosting Meaning and Web Hosting Service Provider.


These are a list of some popular Web Hosting Service Provider:




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Linux Hosting Meaning

Ubuntu Hosting Meaning

First, let’s understand what is Linux?

Linux is an Operating System. It is Open Source means you don’t have to pay when you are downloading and using Linux. Linux was developed by Linus Torvalds. First released on September 17, 1991.


Now, what is an Operating System?

operating Hosting Meaning
I think you already know the operating system. Because if you are reading my article then you are on an operating system.

Operating System operates input-output instructions and manages computer hardware and software.

Windows, Mac OS, Android all are examples of the operating system. With the help of the Android operating system, you are capable of making calls, browsing the internet, sending messages etc. Similar in case of laptop and PC.

Operating System enables you to interact with hardware such as a keyboard, printer, display devices with the help of software.


Linux is also an Operating System. Distributions of Linux operating systems are Ubuntu, Red Hat, Fedora, Debian, Linux Mint, openSUSE etc.


I have explained all these things for a better understanding of Linux Hosting Meaning.


Linux Hosting Meaning

Linux Hosting Meaning
I think now you are aware of what Linux is and What is an Operating System. To understand Linux Hosting Meaning you can combine both terms.

Linux Hosting is the environment to host your file on web server. As you know web server is nothing but a combination of processor, RAM, storage space etc. and to provide a user-friendly file hosting environment Web Hosting Service Provider provides you already installed Linux Operating System. So, that you can easily host your file on the web server.


What is cPanel?

cpanel Hosting meaning

This graphical interface of Linux Hosting is called cPanel. It is a Linux based Web Hosting control panel. From cPanel you can create your database, add domains, add cPanel Email, analyze number to visitors to your website and many other things.

I hope Linux hosting meaning is clear now. If you are having any question in your mind, then you can ask by leaving a comment below.


Windows Hosting Meaning

windows hosting meaning
Windows Hosting is for those who like to work with Microsoft Technologies such as dot NET frameworks and languages like C#, SQL Server, ASP (Active Server Pages) etc.

Similar to cPanel in Linux Hosting Windows Hosting is having plesk. Plesk is a web-based hosting control panel which allows the administrator to set up new websites, reseller accounts, e-mail accounts and DNS.

If you are hosting your files on Windows Hosting, then you’ll have to pay more money as Windows Hosting is expensive in comparison to Linux Hosting because of license cost imposed by Microsoft.


Types of Web Hosting

When you’ll purchase a Hosting Service then you can find different types of hosting options are available such as Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Cloud Hosting etc.


Why is Hosting Provider categorizing hosting into a different category?

The answer is simple different peoples are having different requirements. Some people are having one website to host while another may have hundreds of website to host. So, on the basis of resources that the hosting service provider is providing, they have categorized the hosting into different parts.

Different types of hosting means a different number of processors, the difference in the storing size of files, the difference in RAM they are providing etc. If you’ll pay more for your hosting it means you are purchasing more resource and if you are purchasing more resource means you are hosting more number of websites and a huge number of visitors are coming to your website.

So, this is the reason why you can see different types of hosting options available at Hosting Service Provider.

Let’s explore all of them one by one.


Shared Hosting Meaning

Shared Hosting Meaning
If you are new to web hosting or you have only one website to host which is having traffic less than 1000 then you can go with shared hosting.

As it is clear from the name of ‘Shared Hosting’. If you have purchased Shared Hosting then the resources such as RAM, CPU will be shared with other users.

I think you might be thinking that how your CPU and RAM which you have purchased will be shared.

The answer is when you’ll purchase a shared hosting then suppose you are allocated 512 MB RAM and 1 core CPU. It’s all yours but does the hosting provider is having RAM of 512 MB?

No, the hosting provider is having RAM of huge memory for e.g., 16 GB and at the time of providing shared hosting they will allocate you only 512 MB from that 16 GB RAM and rest of remaining RAM will be allocated to other users who will purchase shared hosting from that hosting provider.

But what will happen if I will try to run a web application which is consuming more memory?

In such a case when your hosted website will consume more memory which often happens when you got more numbers of visitors to your website then that hosting provider will temporarily down your website as they don’t want to affect their other users.


Virtual Private Server

VPN Hosting Meaning
If you want more memory and processing power in comparison to shared hosting, then you can go with VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting.

VPS has also shared environment but under VPS you can create multiple users as you are now having more space and memory and which independent of other users. Here each user is having their own Virtual Private Server. For understanding how Virtual Private Server works you must know about virtual machines such as Virtual Box or VMware.

If you have worked on a virtual box or VMware, then you can easily understand how virtual machines work.

In a virtual machine such as a virtual box, we can create add more operating system inside an operating system. For e.g., if you have windows installed on your laptop and you want to run Ubuntu then with the help of virtual box you can allocate separate RAM, Hard Disk space for Ubuntu.

Hosting Service Provider is repeating the same process in the case of Virtual Private Server. They will allocate you separate storing space, processing power, bandwidth, RAM etc. from the existing server to host your web related files in a separate environment.


Dedicated Web Server

Dedicated Hosting Meaning
With Dedicated Web Server you are the owner of whole resource available. There is no issue of sharing your resource. When you are purchasing dedicated web server then you are purchasing a whole server that includes RAM, Storage Space, CPU etc.

You can do whatever you want to do with these resources like you can run any operating system on your dedicated server, also you can create separate virtual servers inside your dedicated server.


When Dedicated Web Servers Required?

When you want more privacy with your data and you want to fulfill custom hardware requirements for your website or web application, also when your server has to handle millions of traffic then you can go for dedicated servers.


Cloud Hosting Meaning

Cloud Hosting Meaning
Cloud Hosting is the modern way of hosting files on a web server. It is scalable and much efficient. Cloud hosting is similar to Virtual Private Server but in case of cloud hosting there will be no physical server available instead of that your site will be part of many computer networks.


How Cloud Hosting Works?

There are many examples with the help of that you can understand cloud hosting in the much better way. I have tried to explain cloud hosting meaning with the help of example given below.


Cloud hosting is similar to your mobile data packs. For e.g., If you are purchasing a 2 GB per day data pack at 10 dollars for a month and suppose one day you need 5 GB data.

Then what will happen?

Here two conditions are possible one that you are using a single person plan where you are alone consuming your 2 GB every day without sharing your remaining data with others.

And the second condition is that you are using family plan to share your data with other family members if they required.

Here the first condition is similar to traditional hostings like VPN or shared hosting and family plan is similar to cloud hosting.

Under family plan If you one you need 5 GB, then automatically you are getting that 5 GB data from other members without disturbing your need.


Similarly, In cloud hosting too many requests from clients will not stop your service instead of that your server will spread those requests among many other different computers. This is more efficient and scalable way of hosting.

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