Programming Language: Uses According to Purpose (2018)


Programming Language is the language through which you can communicate with computers. It’s the series of code written in particular syntax. I am not going in depth here

Let’s first talk about uses.

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Now if you know something about the programming language. Probably you will be having some more questions in your mind such as:

Which is the best Programming Language for developing Android App or IOS App?

Or like

Best Programming Language for website development?


Best Programming Language for:

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Why should I learn a programming language?


There are several reasons that explain why should you learn programming languages. Learning a programming language will help you in finding how your smart android phone is working or how your Apple mobile is having excellent Apps for your mobile.

All those things that might be confusing for you such as how you are watching YouTube on your mobile, Smart TV, Laptops. Also, you can know how the web browser is working and why the different web browser is having different features.

It will enable you to create your own software and web applications like YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp or any other software or website you want to develop.


It will help you in understanding how mobile Apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook are working.

You can create your own Mobile Apps, Software and Web Applications.



Will it help me making money?


You can make a lot of money because the easiest way to earn money is to solve other problems and all day-to-day problems can be solved with help of programming languages.


You can observe that most of the top-earning peoples of our world are related to online business and we know we can do online business only with the help of programming languages.


 For Example:

  • Amazon: Amazon is the biggest e-commerce and cloud computing company. Amazon is making money only with help of advanced and unique software which solve the day-to-day problem of many peoples.
  • Facebook: Facebook is the biggest social media and social networking service company. Facebook is also making huge money only with the help of programming language.
  • Microsoft: Microsoft is the multi-technology company and it has made different types of software and operating system like windows and of course Microsoft is also making enormous money with the help of programming languages.


From above example, you can clearly observe that how by solving other problems with the help of e-commerce, social media and software you can make unlimited money and all these software, the website can be made only through a programming language.



What’s the easiest way to learn a programming language?

Every person has their unique technique to learn anything. If you’ll ask my opinion or the fastest way to learn a programming language. Then I’ll suggest you understand the basic concept of programming.

You can learn basic concepts using any online learning platform such as a Udemy, YouTube, Lynda, blog, books etc. There are lots of options available.

Now the question arises how to start and which language you should learn first. Most of the people suggest that start with language C because it contains all those basic that a beginner should know and then start to learn any language according to your interest or requirements.

For Example

If you have to make a program to add two numbers, then the required conditions are:

  • First, you have two take two numbers
  • Then write a Logic i.e. (first Number + second Number) two perform addition.
  • Then at last show the results.


Here you can observe that anything or any problem that we want to solve using a program will require a series of steps.

And for converting these steps into programming language one must know basics of any programming language such as C, C++, Python etc.



How many programming languages are there?


There are hundreds of programming language in this world and many developers are working to develop new programming language daily.

For example:

If we talk about Android which is today’s most popular and widely used operating system for Mobile.

Google bought it in the year 2005 and publicly announced in the year 2007 and the first commercial Android device was launched in 2008.


But what is next?

Will Android remain forever?

Yes, it will remain forever but we can’t say about demand. We are always searching for some new and innovative things in our life. So, to meet these requirements Google is working on Fuchsia.

According to reports, Fuchsia will be the next operating system.

Programming Languages are evolving daily.

If you want to see the whole list at once at a time, then click on the Wikipedia link.



Which is the best Programming Language for developing Android App or IOS App?


Let the first talk about Android.

What is the programming language of Android?

Android is mainly developed using Java. If you know Java, then it is much easier to develop Android App but wait what about designing part?

Yes, you will also have to do some designing part. But where?

If you want to give some awesome look to your app then you can do designing like making big attractive button, text, form, wallpaper, background. But these are the easy part. If you know something about CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) then you can easily do that because designing in Android is similar to CSS.

Other than Java now Android support Kotlin.

Now you might be thinking what the heck is kotlin.

But actually, Kotlin is not heck. When you will learn Kotlin it will reduce the pain of exception like null pointer exception in Java and also Kotlin is statically typed. Well, I’m not going in deep here. Maybe in some other article.


Now It’s time to discuss IOS.

If you are willing to develop an App for IOS then swift is the best language. Now the question arises why I am telling you Swift is best for developing IOS programs.


  • Swift is developed by Apple Inc.
  • It uses a runtime library of objective C which allows objective C, C++ and swift code run together.
  • Designed to work with Apple Cocoa framework.



Best Programming Language for website development?

If you want to develop a website, then there are mainly two options

  • Front-end Development
  • Back-end Development


First, let talk about front-end development:

If you want a static website to simply display your information, then you will not need a back-end.

But what is front-end of the website?

Well, everything which a user can see such as picture, text, color, appearance all these things comes under the front-end side of website development.

What programming language should we learn to give our website eye-catching look and design?

Mainly you will have to learn HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and also if you want to do this styling task faster and in an advanced way then you can learn JavaScript, Bootstrap, jQuery.


Now, let’s talk about backend:

What is back-end in website development?

All those things that don’t appear to the user but plays important role in displaying correct and expected output are coming under the back-end of website development.

For Example:

If you want to store user information at the time of form filling or you want to send a greeting message to your website visitors, then you will end to do some back-end task.

For storing data, you will need a database and for that, you’ll have to learn database development languages such as:

  • MySQL
  • SQL Server
  • MongoDB
  • Maria DB
  • PostgreSQL
  • Oracle Database


There are many others database development languages.

Another most important thing in back-end development is writing logic such as when you’ll have to perform some mathematical calculation etc. These logical tasks are handled by programming languages like:

  • Java
  • PHP
  • Python
  • C#
  • Ruby
  • NodeJS
  • Scala
  • F#

These are some list of popular programming which most of the developer used for back-end programming.



Best Programming Language for Artificial Intelligence Development?

The first thing that we want to know that what is Artificial Intelligence?

And what is the need for artificial intelligence?

When was the first time when we started talking about artificial intelligence?


According to my research which I have done through searching on the internet I found that AI was first introduced in 1955 with the help of program Designed by Newell and Simon.

John McCarthy is known as the father of AI as he introduced login into AI and coined the term Artificial Intelligence (AI).


What is AI?

AI is the process of making intelligent machines or we can say that through the help of AI we will be able to make a machine who can think like a human, learn like a human, talk like a human. AI will enable the machine to do almost all those task which a human brain can do.


I don’t know what will happen in future after the development of machines with human brains. But I can predict that then we will not be doing any job such as farming, driving, building roads, constructing buildings etc.

Because all these tasks will be easily handled by a machine which is having the intelligence of a human.


So, I hope it is clear that AI is nothing but simulating the human brain in real time.


Best Programming Language for AI Development?

Python is the best programming language because it is faster, smarter and can handle most of the complex mathematics problems very easily.

Also, there is a list of other programming languages for AI development such as Java, R, Lisp, Prolog etc.



Best Programming Language for Virtual Reality Development?

Virtual Reality is the reality within a virtual world. I think you might be confused after reading the last line. So, in simple words what is a virtual reality?
Virtual Reality is the copy of the real world created inside a computer program. Not only created but a user can go inside that computer-generated virtual world and experience that world in the same way we are experiencing our real world.

Now, the next question that might be running inside your mind is what is possibilities and what are the list of things that we can do inside that virtual world.

The answer is that anything that you are imagining right now is possible inside Virtual Reality like you can go to the Moon, you can swim inside the ocean, play games etc.

Best Programming Language for Virtual Reality Development?

Virtual Reality Development can be done with the help of following programming languages:
• C# (Unity)
• Java
• Python



Best Programming Language for Game Development

If you love playing games and you want to become a game developer, then you’ll have to learn one of the following programming languages:

  • Game Development with Unity
  • C# (Unity 3D)
  • Java
  • C++

For game development programming language alone can’t help you. You’ll have to choose a game engine and each game engine has their own primary programming language. Here the game engine is the nothing but it is the library defined and developed for the developer.


  • Unity – C#, Boo or JavaScript
  • Godot – C++
  • Oxygine 2D – C++
  • libGDX –Java

For knowing more about Game Engines click on below Wikipedia link



Best Programming Language for Desktop Application Development


What is Desktop Application?

Those Applications which are developed to be installed on a particular laptop or desktop are known as a desktop application.

Desktop Applications are also known as Stand Alone Applications.


There are too many examples of desktop applications such as Microsoft Office, Photoshop, Notepad, Calculator etc.


Now, if you want to develop your own desktop applications then you’ll have to learn any one of the following programming languages. If you want, you can learn about all of them for developing a desktop application.

  • C#
  • F#
  • Java
  • C++
  • Python


In my opinion, the best programming language for developing a desktop application is C#.