How to get Twitter followers instantly (Actionable Tips 100% Work)

how to get twitter followers

Increase Your Twitter Followers


 #1. Follow more and more people.

If you will daily follow 100 peoples on an average then you may get a lot of followers.

For Example: Suppose, if you are following 100 peoples daily then around 20 peoples may follow you.

Use the best tool like Hootsuite or SproutSocial to schedule your tweets.

Posting regularly will increase your engagement and visibility.

#2. Optimize your Twitter Bio.

Twitter google

Your twitter bio talks about who are you? and what do you do?. So, it is a very important that you write a best and attractive bio of yourself or your company.

Write creative and intelligent line in twitter bio. means, putting in a good quote that tells about you as a person or your Brand.

Best Twitter Bio Tips:
Make sure your profile photo has the correct dimensions. it should be 400×400

  • Twitter Profile Bio information is most important thing to get more followers on Twitter.
  • Make professional type Bio and make sure to add a profile image that reflects your brand.
  • write memorable, easy to understand, and informative sentence at 160 characters.
  • Update your Twitter bio every month.

Make sure your home or company location is accurate. If there isn’t an actual location, be creative.

For Example: Sector 32, New Delhi,  location field says “23 India”.

Remember, be (creative and attractive) if you have your own blog or website, You can also link to your about us page or a landing page.


#3. Include an image in every tweet.

include image in tweets
Research suggests that tweets with an image got 18% more engagement. Posts with images generate more clicks.

And use at least one link in your tweets. In a survey, it was found that using link can increase the size of your followers and  If you add in videos and GIFs, more than 40% of all Tweets have some kind of visual in them.

Use trends keyword in tweets.

Note: Images should be of high quality and related to post.


#4. Promotes your Twitter links on all your marketing material.

add twitter in business card
Another way to get more twitter followers by linking your account to your Website, Like, cards, brochures, signs and of course, etc. You have to promote your account in every way.

If you have any website then also promotes your twitter link on your website.

Use a headshot in your profile picture, nobody follows a faceless picture.


#5. Connect your Twitter Account to your all Social Media

connect twitter to all social media
it’s very important, linking your Twitter account to your all Social Media.

  • Facebook page
  • Google plus
  • Linkedin
  • Instagram
  • Pintrest

How to connect Twitter to another social media like (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn)

Goto Twitter Setting and privacy >> Apps >> see your other soical media connection

For Email signature, you can use service, like Wisestamp


#6. Please ReTweet

Ask readers to ReTweet by writing words like “Please ReTweet”. This is the simple hack through which you can get ReTweet.

There are many words which similar like Please ReTweet, if you use this words in your tweets message your message viral like.

Connect us
Please RT


#7. Use power words

These words help in increasing your followers and more likely to get a retweet.

This is power words. there are many power word which improves your followers.

Retweets this
Follow Back
Reply IFB


#8. Use the Hashtag in every Tweet

twitter hashtag use
Use hashtag related to your topic only. Means if your tweet is related to travel then use a hashtag related to travel topic like #travel #tour #journey etc.

Tweets with hashtags get 2x more engagement can grow your follower’s list lot more easily.

First checking the trending hashtags and use the most popular tags to your every tweet.

Top Hashtag of Twitter

#1DDrive #1FIRST #follow4follow #photography #funny

Simply open Google and search Top Hashtag List, so many top hashtag which always trend in twitter also Instagram.

Note: Not use more than 4, 5 hashtags. If you use a lot of hashtag twitter ignore your message.


#9. Ask Question in Tweet

add question in tweets
Make people like in re-tweeting question type of sentence. Tweet questions type of sentence on your Twitter and see whether people will try to answer them or if you get a response.

Asking questions about latest topics, like movies, politics and or hot topic in your niche, it can greatly increase the interaction on your profile and follow your account.

This trick similar like Facebook, you see many time question type of post in FB, same you can post on Twitter.


#10. Tweet on the weekends

Dan Zarrella studied 200,000 Tweets and found that between 1 and 4 Tweets per hour increases CTR 300% and 17% higher engagement rate on weekends, with a sharp drop off after 6 Tweets.

Folks suggest that 15 Tweets per day’s on weekdays (Saturday and Sunday).

And  according to TrackMaven.

Surprisingly, Sunday sees the most retweets between 12pm and 3pm.


#11. Best Time of  post sending on Twitter

According to Sprout’s research the best times to post on twitter is Friday 9 to 10 a.m.

And over all average timing is everyday 10 a.m. to noon.

if your schedule is busy you can also your auto message on Twitter, Twitter has announced a new tool for Twitter Ads users – Scheduled Tweets.

its very easy to use, simply write your tweet message and then schedule a date and time for it to be sent out, up to a year in advance.


#12. Follow other Top users in your niche

Another tip is follow top twitter users in your list. Follow them and retweet when a tweet make sense to you.

Before you retweet, always edit and add a quote to it to make your share more meaningful.

For Example: my twitter niche topic is fashion and beauty, simply search people who thousand of followers on twitter and open his followers and follow all people because all people interest same.

Note: if you have own brand never follow other niche topic followers, only follow your niche related people.


#13. Use creative Twitter Banner

creative twitter banner
Choose the best banner for twitter back side banner, proper Size, resolution, content, and color scheme all matters.

write your website URL’s on banner image and also write your all social media links. Once a user clicks into the profile, the banner display is going to be the main visual they see – you have all their attention at this point.

And write Use a high-quality, relevant, and attractive image to communicate your brand’s message.



I hope this article will help you to get more and more followers on your twitter.

Making followers taken a long time but it’s not rocket science. So, I think you can easily achieve that.

If you are following all these rules and you are tweeting a new post daily then you may get up to 1 million followers within 3 years.