Benefits of SEO and what is its importance in Business?

Benefits of SEO and what is its importance in Business

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the art and science of directing website traffic to our website from search engines that we can easily search for on SEO, and if we haven’t done it yet, we could get a quick definition in this regard. SEO is the process that affects the visibility of a website in the non-paid search engine results”

The most interesting thing for us as a company owner or employee is how we can leverage SEO to help drive traffic, leads, sales and, ultimately, revenue and profits for our business. In this we will focus on this guide.

Why should we worry about SEO?

Many people look for everything that can be extremely powerful for a company, not only because there is a lot of traffic, but because there is a very specific and highly intentional traffic.

• How search engines work

• Keyword

• SEO friendly content

• Examples of high quality content

• Fundamentals of link building

• Emerging SEO trends

Importance of SEO in Business

Let us see below the image carefully

As we can see, almost 60% of all web traffic starts with a Google search. And if we add traffic from other popular search engines (like Bing, Yahoo and YouTube), 70.6% of all traffic comes from a search engine.

We illustrate the importance of SEO with an example ..Let’s say someone has a chicken recipe website.

According to Google, 990,000 people search for “chicken recipes” every month

Taking into account the fact that the first result in Google gets about 20% of all clicks, this means 22,000 visitors to your website every month if it appears at the top.

But let’s quantify this: how much are those visitors worth?

The average advertiser for that search phrase spends about $ 1 per click. This means that the web traffic of 22,000 visitors is worth about $ 22,000 a month.

And that’s just for that search phrase. If our site is SEO friendly, we can classify hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of different keywords.

In other sectors, such as real estate or insurance, the value of search engine traffic is significantly higher.

For example, advertisers pay more than $ 40 per click on the search phrase “Life insurance price quotes”.

Staff Vs. paid

The search engine results pages are classified into two different sections: organic and payment results.

Organic search results

The organic search results are natural results whose ranges are 100% based on merit

In other words, there is no way to pay Google or other search engines to get a higher score in organic search results.

Search engines rank organic search results based on hundreds of different classification factors. But in general, organic results are considered by Google as the most relevant, reliable and authorized websites or web pages of the subject.

Paid results

Paid search results are ads displayed above or below the organic results.

Paying ads are completely independent of organic listings. Advertisers in the paid results section are “sorted” based on the amount they are willing to pay for a single visitor from a particular set of search results (known as pay per click advertising).

Find keywords

Finding keywords is a more important thing that will help in SEO.

This is where we need to look for the exact words and phrases (search queries) that customers type in the search box.

In general, keywords tend to be divided into two main groups: the keyword that people use to find what to look for?

We can also have keywords for our target audience when they are not specifically looking for what someone sells.

Let’s illustrate with an example?

Let’s say someone runs an e-commerce site that sells sports shoes.

So things would be like:

• Free shipping of sports shoes.

• Reebok sports shoes

• Running shoes for flat feet.

On the other hand, informative keywords are things our audience is interested in when they are not necessarily looking for shoes:

• Second service tutorial.

• How to stop unforced errors.

• Correct form of the contrary

• How to hit a topspin service

And to be successful with SEO, you want to optimize the pages of your website around both types of keywords. This way, when your customer searches for your product, it appears in the search engine results

Keyword search tips/Keyword research tools

Here are some tips to help you find keywords.

First, use Google’s auto-complete.

We have probably already noticed this feature.

Every time we start writing something on Google, you receive many search suggestions:

It is advisable to write keyword ideas on Google and note any suggestions that may arise.

Second, write words and phrases in Answer the Public

This free tool is ideal for finding informative keywords.

Next, use the keyword research tool

Keyword tools can help you determine how many people search for each keyword and how difficult it will be to rank it on the first page of Google for that term.

In other words, they can help you choose the best keywords in the list. There are one million and one keyword research tools out there.

Here are some recommended ones to review:


• Extension of keywords everywhere

Moz Keyword Explorer

Seed keywords

But the best free keyword tool is the Google Keyword Planning Tool

Friendly content for SEO

It’s not a secret that SEO and content are closely linked.

In general, the better the content we publish, the higher the ranking. It is not (obviously) so simple. But it is a good rule to follow when writing content for SEO.

With that, here are more details on how to create SEO-compatible content.

Creating content for product and service pages

The content of the product and service pages must however be of high quality. But that doesn’t mean that we want our product pages to be read as blog posts.

In fact, the main goal of our product pages should be to convert browsers into potential customers and potential customers. That’s why you want your product pages to focus on the features and benefits your product offers.

For example, look at the Baremetrics home page.

In many ways, even if it’s not a blog post or article, it’s still high quality content. As you can see, the page is well designed and describes the key features of the product.

Creating high quality blog content

When people say things like “content is king”, they talk about the kind of incredibly useful content that is posted on blogs.

(In other words: it is not the content you would find on most product and service pages).

And there’s no doubt that producing amazing content can help us improve Google’s ratings.

In fact, HubSpot has found that companies that regularly publish content get 300 times more traffic than those that do not devote much effort to their content marketing.

To be successful with search engine optimization today, our site must put everything AMAZING on a consistent basis. Anything less will simply not be good.

In fact, the latest staticss from WordPress reveal that 68 million blogs come out every month

And this is only WordPress. People also publish millions of publications on other platforms


A “backlink” is created when an external website is linked to our website. Here’s how it looks in action

These links are a great piece of the ranking puzzle.

But before entering the strategy of building heavy connections …

We need to make sure our site is ready for backlinks.

When to build backlinks

Many people immerse themselves in acquiring connections before they have built a solid foundation. What you should keep in mind is that a solid foundation (a well-optimized website) makes your link more effective.

When your backlinks are more effective, you don’t need many to get the desired result!

Ultimately, it saves you time and money.

So this is what you need to cover before jumping to link building:

1. Solve all technical / UX problems

Technical problems can damage the user experience (UX) and UX correlated with SEO performance (or lack of it).

See this as a fundamental phase of the process.

This is because if speed through this process, backlinks will not be as effective.

And what happens when your backs are not so effective?

You have to buy more, which costs more to your company.

Here are some technical / UX issues you should be looking for:

• Site upload speed (use Google PageSpeed ​​Insights)

• Compatible with mobile devices (uses Google Mobile Friendly control

• Duplicate content (use Siteliner)

• canonical errors

• Duplicate META data

• Misuse of directives (noindex, nofollow, etc.)

Redirection chains

Redirection chains are another simple problem that can increase your site’s authority once it is corrected.

Fix broken external links

Every external link you place on your site loses authority.

That’s why it’s important to check your site (here’s an SEO audit checklist) to find non-working external links.

This applies to external links in their content and in the comments section.

You can easily find these broken external links using Ahrefs.

Go to “Outgoing links” and click on “Broken links”.. Develops a strong site architecture

Developing  smart site architecture is the best way to get the most out of your investment when it comes to creating links.

My preferred site architecture strategy is to use a reverse silo.

Instead of trying to acquire links to unlinkable pages (home page, category pages, product pages, etc.), the reverse silo is designed to capture backlinks with pages with quality content.

These can be blog posts or individual pages based on information.

This is a more effective approach to acquiring links because people are much more willing to link valuable information than sales-based pages.

With that said:

The ultimate goal of the reverse silo is to distribute the linking authority (PageRank) of content resources to sales pages (via internal links).

I believe this content-centric approach is the surest way to increase the authority of your site.

3. Create connectable resources

Any effective link building campaign should start with the creation of connectable resources.

First of all, what is a connectable resource?

A connectable resource is usually a blog post or an information-oriented page.

For example, this blog post you are reading is a linkable element. It is designed to educate and add value to my industry.

Not only is it easier to acquire valuable resources backwards, but it is much more scalable in the long term.

This is because you can continue to earn new backlinks without having to do the extra mile. That is, if you have created the content correctly.

At this stage, your website has a solid foundation, so it’s time to start creating backlinks

SEO TRENDS FOR 2019/best SEO company in patna

For online sellers like me, it’s my job to identify and adapt to the latest trends.

Internet has become the main place where customers look for goods and services. With so many people online today, companies are finding that to survive they must establish an online presence for themselves.

However, starting a website or blog is not enough for business. To maintain the relevance of the search, you must always adapt to the constantly evolving SEO environment.

Search engine optimization is a marketing strategy that has become an imperative in the last decade.

Success requires the implementation of the latest best practices throughout your website, while establishing authority with Google. This will not change. These are just some of the 2019 SEO trends that I foresee


 In the marketing world, research still focuses on the intent of Web search engines when writing specific keywords. Search engine optimization is not just about the inclusion of popular keywords in your web pages. It’s about integrating keywords so that your site fulfills its promises to the search engine. For your benefit, you want consumers to want to search for products and services offered by your website.

When someone searches for a particular phrase in a search engine, that search engine wants to give the search engine the most accurate and useful result. For the search engine, when it brings them to the most practical result, it gives them a good idea about who they should do business.

The optimization of the intention is the future because the future of research, 2019 and beyond, is the voice search. Voice search is cleaning up the user’s intention in an accelerated fashion. Instead of writing truncated versions of a search attempt, a consumer can now clearly indicate what he is looking for in terms of products or services or even information.

The best way to achieve the optimization of the main user intention is to think of yourself as the researcher. What would you be looking for? What calls to action could affect more information about a product or service? What value would be the most relevant in your experience with your website? Optimizing the user’s intention in 2019 will be more important than ever, largely due to the increase in voice search. We cover the trend of the voice search in the previous section


In terms of coding, microformats are small HTML templates that indicate information on a website. The information plus a search engine on the site, can classify more accurately. Search engines usually give a better rating if you can give an honest description of what your site is.

Furthermore, microforms often make their content more attractive to the consumer, generating more clicks. Of course, an increase in clicks means better and greater for search engines like Google signals ROI SEO.

Microformats add labels or labels. However, you like to call it, your content. They translate to search engines what your content is all about. The use of these labels is usually provided through rich snippets, an option that they probably noticed seeing in popular SEO plugins like Yoast. Rich snippets allow URL, title and description information, transposed to display Google SERP. For example, you might want to be your score with consumers or their hours of show operation. For this reason, microformats are widely used.

Microformats are not for all websites (even if not bad). If it is not a business with qualifications, hours of operation or a specific place where consumers can visit you, then microformats are not relevant to your needs.


People are increasingly turning to their phones to search online.

It makes a lot of sense, since the phones are smaller and much more portable to carry. When they are in public, people want to be able to extract their phone to quickly search the web.

Furthermore, 2019 is the year of Google’s first mobile index, so if it is not ready, it will vanish into uncertainty.

With the first mobile indexing, Google will finally start with the mobile version of its content to decide where to place the content in the SERPs. This concept is practical for Google because it eliminates the traditional weak link in content indexing. When Google started indexing desktop content as a priority, it often meant that a poor version of the content upload was dragging the results of the mobile search. When starting with mobile indexing as a priority, it is far less likely to be a sister version of a poor desktop load, since desktops and laptops have larger processing engines.

Does this mean that a site without an optimized or isolated mobile version will be deleted or penalized?

No, it means that the odds are better if your site has an optimal mobile version running. If the content of your site’s desktop is the only version of that content and the content is loaded quickly, you will have no problems. However, this is often not the case, as desktop content versions generally do not work well with smartphone processors and screen limitations.

Web developers are adapting to the increased use of mobile devices by developing websites that are more compatible with the phone. Many WordPress themes are increasingly useful in terms of having a reactive version. In other words, things are becoming easier to adapt to online business owners. It is very usefull For SEO strategists, this means adjusting the search optimization strategy to attract more mobile users. You will need to learn more about the types of search engine keywords that mobile device users can apply.

Is your website mobile? Check out the Google-friendly mobile tester. You should always check the responsiveness, load times and ease of use of your website on multiple platforms to ensure a top quality experience.


It is estimated that 50% of all research will be conducted by 2020. People will use voice-enabled devices, such as Google Home, to complete at least 30% of all searches without using a screen.

Voice searches tend to be longer than searches entered via a keyboard. Therefore, your SEO should focus on searching and using keywords from seven to nine words that people can use in conversations. These keywords often contain a question.

Your questions should be divided to guide the search through the sales channel:

• What questions: these consumers are in the widest part of the channel and are looking for more general information.

• How to ask questions: customers who ask these questions are ready to find more specific details.

• When questions line up with the closure, customers asking these questions are looking at their options.

• Where: Consumers who ask these questions are ready to buy and want to know if they have their product in stock.

But the most significant indication of the growth of voice search in 2019 is, quite simply, the massive increase in sales of artificial intelligence devices.

Devices like Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Homepod and Google Home are sold as hot cakes. More and more families connect to these devices. Fewer people are turning off the lights at night with their hands; They are calling Alexa for such “inconveniences”. Although you can initially buy an Alexa device because you want to start your car or adjust your air conditioner, in the end you will use it to find a cheap hotel offer. This is evolution, and it is more than a threat, it is a promise.

Furthermore, people are looking for local businesses and services that use voice search devices at an amazing rate. In fact, I have a dip in the voice search statistics for 2019, which is worth reading if you want more information on what’s on the horizon (or should I say, it’s already here).

As with mobile optimization, voice search optimization will require more research and implementation by suppliers in 2019


Local searches are particularly relevant for companies that depend on attracting local customers.

For a dog hair salon in Dallas, Texas, they want to be Google’s first search result for “dog hairdresser in Dallas”.

The best way to make sure is to optimize the hair salon website to indicate where the company operates. Small businesses should focus on optimizing local search.

By 2019, local research will become even more precise. Additional precision will mean even more specific search results. This means that instead of targeting a Dallas suburb, you could end up pointing to cross roads. A more precise or hyperlocal orientation will essentially create improved channels for pre-qualified consumers.

The fact is that closeness is important for all of us. If a service of equal or slightly lower quality is 10 miles closer to us, we could bring it to the competition. When you can choose roads and corners, accept the power of mobile search. Someone who simply walks down the street can look for a deli and will be shown deli that are only a few blocks away, rather than miles. This same scenario is likely to be exposed when consumers visit stores that do not carry the product they are looking for. In these cases, consumers will want to find the nearest business that carries the product.

The highly targeted search campaigns, both SEO and paid advertisements, will be imposed in 2019. The closer a local company is to a pre-qualified consumer, the more likely a financial transaction will occur. This changes the search, from the unique experience of being based on a car to being based on the foot. “Near me” research has exploded over the years.

Don’t trust my word, take Google.

From 2014 to 2015, “near me” research has grown at a surprising rate of 130%. If these data don’t bring the urgency to include a specific local structure in your SEO strategy, nothing will. Consumers are extremely at ease with the reduction of local search parameters. Most consumers right now expect their research to lead to more accurate results.


Content as a strategy is already popular for marketers and will continue to be for next year.

Producing attractive and quality content can inform people about the topic of a website or a company. It also tells readers that the company cares about helping people, which is perfect for a brand image.

2019 will not be different from previous years in terms of strong influence of content on search engine rankings. Content production is a business model in the SEO sector with thousands of companies appearing as content marketing solutions every few months. Most content marketing companies are scams that employ workers abroad to promote low quality content that eventually ends up in the rankings. However, many content companies are working hard to find quality writers and videographers capable of producing high-level material.

It is likely that competition for high quality content experiences will be richer than ever in 2019.

In 2019, if your website is dry, you are not likely to make much progress in your SEO ambitions. You will have to decisively defeat your competition in the content sphere if you want to qualify above them.

The ability to have an arsenal of proven content will benefit a website from a variety of perspectives. Including internal links that help Google learn more about the new and old content it has produced.

It also helps to channel Internet users who are already impressed with a part of their content over their content. This helps improve the statistics of your page per session in Google Analytics, which is a great trigger in Google’s SEO algorithm.

By 2019, heavy content and quality will be crucial for those who wish to succeed in SEO.


Online marketing competitions Is going to be  more intense than ever.

The more companies are connecting, this should create an environment where different companies will compete in the digital world and in the real world.

Not only that, but brands will have to compete with large companies that have highly valued marketing teams working for them. That’s why so many small businesses are turning to marketing professionals.

For those new to the world of online search and marketing ranking, a digital marketing company can help you with keyword optimization, social media platforms, research, customization and search for new strategies to help businesses thrive.

The days of “DIY” are running away. With denser competition, it is urgent for small business leaders to make their products and services the best around them. As a manager, you can’t focus on your products and services when you also run an internal SEO company.

Your products and services improve along with your SEO rankings. Competing in online marketing in 2019 will mean having a real base.

The truth is that your competition is probably above you.

Concluding my thoughts on research trends 2019

In 2019, SEO trends will be deeply integrated into enriching content experiences.

The relevance of keywords and backlinks probably remains key functions that cannot be ignored. However, local websites that can achieve “authoritarian” dexterity by creating incredible niche content will undoubtedly have greater benefits from the Google Googles algorithm that continuously seeks to improve the SERP for consumers.

Consumers are looking for solutions close to them, even at a short distance.

Local companies experienced in their field and able to capture consumers in search of the solution when they are in the vicinity of their business will win the tender to satisfy the sale.

With the advent of more competitive websites connecting online on a daily basis, it is likely that companies backed by highly valued digital marketing companies will get more rewards.

In the end, 2019 will offer one thing in common with past years and that is that those who work hard will be the ones who will ascend to the top.

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